Festivals of Assam

By Ishan Dec 14, 2018

Festivals of Assam

Aassm is a land of dairs and festivals.  The people of assam enjoy  each and every festival to the fullest, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.


Bihu is the chief festival of Assam. It is largely based on agriculture. The pepople of Assam celebrate three bhius in a years namely-

The Bhag Bihu, Kati Bihu and Magh Bihu. It is and interesting fact to note that, each bihu makes a distinctive phase in the farming calendar.

Of the three Bihus, the Bohag Bihu is the most colourful and this is way, it is often called as  Rongali Bihu. The Bohag Bihu marks the advent of the sowing season season and is basically celebrated as the spring festival. The charm of this festival is the unique and graceful Bihu dacne.


Kati Bihu is celebrated durig the Assamese month of Kati. This Bihu is often called as Kongali Bihu because there is scarcity of crops during the period of this festivl

Magh Bihu is basuically the harvest festival of Assam. It is also called as Bhogali Bihu because the celebration of this bihu is mostlu centerd around community feast. The most significant part of this bihu are the huge bonefires called “MAJJI” around which, Pepole gather on the eve of Bihu and feast.

Ambubashi mela is a unique and the most inportent religious festival of Assam, Which is held at trhe Shakti temple of ‘Maa Kamakhya’ Thousand of devotees from difarent plases, visite this temple during the festival, The sight of the kamakhya temple, during the Ambubashi Mela, is worth watching.

Shivaratri is another very famous and widely celebrated religious festival of Assam. It is basically, a fastival of the Shaivites.A few plase in Assam where Shivaratri is held on a large-scale are- the Sukreshwara temple (Guwahati), the Shive Dol (Sibsagar), the Umananda temple (Guwahati), the Mahabhairav temple (Tezpur).

The Vaishnavites of Assam celebrate the birth and death anniversaries of Srimanta Sankardeva and Madhabdev with gret pomp and grandeur by performing Naam, Bhaona, etc in the preams of Naamghar.

In addition to the above mentioned festivals. the people of Assam also celebrte Medam-me-phi, Tusu Puja and Some common Indian festivals like Holi Diwali, Durga puja, Mahavur Jayanti, Christmas, etc The Muslims of Assam Celebrate Eid and Muharram etc.


Now is the Tribal Festivals of Assam

As pepople of various races have settled in assam, so different tribes celebrate various festivals of their own lets’s discuss some of the tribl festivals celebrated in Assam.

Famous for its extreme joy and merriment, Bohaggiyo Bishu is the main Festival of Deoris. It is basically celebrated as a spring festival. The most signficant part of the festival is the Deodhani Dance.

Baikho is the spring festival celebrated by the rabhas. The Rabhas generally celebrate this fastival to conciliate the goddess ‘Baikho’, who is the goddess of wealth.

Baishagu is the chief festival celebrated by the Bodo Kacharis of Assam. They enjoy the Spring festival with great spirit and enthusiasm. The Dance from which is associated with this festival, is called the Baishagu dance.

Ali-Ai-Ligang is the most colorful agri-based spring festival of the Mishing tribe. The major attraction of this festival is the ‘Gumrag Dnce’

Rongker and Chomangkn are the two most importent festival celebrated by the Karbis of Assam. The Rongker in basically celebrated as the sprong festival whereas, Chomangkan is a festival which is basiclly celebrated as a funeral ceremony.

Rajni Gabra and Harnl Gabr is the most fascinating and the only socio-religious festival celebrated by the colorful Dimasa tribe. This festival is generally held before any new cultivation is strated.

Tusu Puja is The mos important festival celebrated by the r=tea tribes of Assam. It is observed is the month of Magh and has a lrge affinity with the Magh Bihu of the Assamese pepole. The colourful dance from whice is assaociated with this festival is called the ‘Jhumur dance ‘ , Wich is performed in the tunes of ‘Madal’ with great joy and enthusiasm.




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