History of North East Assam

Magical Valley of Assam is situated in the heart of northeast India zone of the Indan anglicized. Its is located between 24º10‘N to 27º58‘N Latitude and 26.2006° N, 92.9376° E Longitude. The Assamese people owe their origin to the unique fusion and fraternization of various ethnic groups, like the Austor Asiatics, Dravidians, Negritos, T into Barmans, Mongoloids, and Aryans. However, the inhabitants of assam can be classified into three broad categories, namely like the tribals, the non-tribals, and Scheduled castes.


Pragjyotishpura | Brahmaputra

Assam was known as ‘Pragjyotishpura’ or the city of eastern astronomy and ‘Kamrupa’ in ancient times, as evidenced from the great epics the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and other Indian scriptures, Puranas and poetical works. It was only after the advent of the Ahoms that, the state came to be known as Assam

There are different opinions on the origin of the name. Some people are of the opinion that the word ‘Assam’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Asama’ meaning uneven or unequal. And as the landscape of the state is mountainous and not plain so, this is the reason behind the name given to the state. While some others believe that Assam is only the anglicised version of ‘Asom’, which is the name given to the state by the Ahoms after they conquered it. This version on the origin of the name sounds more realistic because of the fact that the state was being started to be called as ‘Assam’ only after the conquest of Assam by the Ahoms.

The first known ruler of Assam was Mahiranga Danava of the ‘Danava Dynasty’ succeeded by Hatakasur, Sambarasur, and Ratnasur, while the first known Mythological monarch was Narakasur, a powerful king who founded the ‘Bhauma Dynasty’. Some other prominent mythological monarchs who ruled different parts of Assam were Bhagadatm. Subaru, Banasura, Nara Sankar, Mrigang and many more.

লাচিত বৰফুকন

The political history of Assam witnessed the formation of a number of dynasties and kingdoms and the advent of some dynamic rulers. The first being Pushya Varman of the Varman Dynasty followed by many Varman rulers among which Bhaskar Varman was the most powerful and one of the greatest monarchs of eastern India. The other powerful dynasties and kingdoms which ruled over Assam after the Varman dynasty include the Salasmmbha Dynasty, the Pala Dynasty, the Chutiya Kingdom followed by the Koch Kingdom whose popular ruler was Naranarayan. His brother Sukladhwaj was popularly known as ‘Chilarai’ or ‘Kite King’ because of his ability to attack enemies like Chila.


The 13th century witnessed the advent of the mighty Ahom; led by the legendary Chaolung Sukapha. After Sukaphaa demise, many Ahom kings ruled over Assam, but among them, Suhungmung’s reign was counted as one of the most remarkable in the 600 long and glorious years of Ahom rule. He was also known as ‘Dihingiya Raja’. in the year 1671, a fierce battle took place between the Ahoms and the Mughals, popularly known as the ‘Battle of Saraighat’ led by the vibrant Lachit Barphukar in which the Mughals faced a humiliating defeat. It was the Britishers who pulled a curtain over the glorious 600 years’ rule of the Ahoms by signing the “Treaty of Yandaboo’ with the Burmese on 24th February 1826. Since then, Assam came under the British rule.

The British rule in Assam, however, saw some gloomy days and horrible nights, as the people, of Assam united -to revolt against the Britishers and an exciting saga of sacrifice and martyrdom began n Assam, which continued till India got Independence.


The freedom fighters of Assam, like Maniram Dewan, Kushal Konwar, Kanaklata Baruah, Mohiram Koch. Maniram Kachari, Mangal Kurmi, Bhogeshwari Phukanani, Dayal Chandra Panika. Leela Bodo and many others played a major role in the freedom struggle of Assam.

It was only because of the courage, dedication, selflessness, patriotism and sacrifice of these and many other freedom fighters, that today, we are breathing in a free Assam and India.


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